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Richard Linklater and Robert Kaplow on KTXX-FM, Austin, TX

Read Robert's essays about small-town life, written for The Metuchen Mirror. The Mirror was a print-only monthly newspaper which existed for four years, ending in May of 2021 with the retirement of its publisher/editor Randy Splaingard. Robert wrote an essay for every edition. Most of them are collected here.


In the Writers' Room...

Found Poetry
In the Wee Small Hours
Neighbors: Lost and Found
Murders and Anniversaries
The Eleventh Hour
The Beauty of the Bone
Tomato of Gratitude
Killers and Landmarks
The Trip to Truro
Masque of the Home-Schooled Handyman
Hotel on Baltic
Something Even Non-Believers Can Believe In
The Krupnick Countdown
An Anthropologist in Metuchen
The People's Choice
The Joy of Juggling
Stalking the Ineffable
Season of the Ghost
Moving the Mezuzah
The Writing on the Wall
We're Not in Kansas Anymore
Snow Angels
Cabin Fever
Graveyard Meeting
Stranger in the Manger
Family, Fate, and The Fugitive
Trouble in Wonderland
Panic on Patterson Street
A Sort of Parental Pride
Ingmar Bergman Gets a Parking Ticket
Young Man, There's a Place You Can Go!
Fish Oil of the Dead
Pause You Who Read This
Lost in the Story
On the Difficulty of Throwing Away Old Love Letters
I've Got Five Dollars
Dogs of December
Life During Wartime
Lunch with a Trump Supporter
Postmen and Piston Rods
The Grackle
Walking Life

Nabokov's handwriting
Nabokov's handwriting

Hot Naked High-School Teachers
Cover design by Susie Dotan

Holiday Card

Reading Group
Robert joins the discussion with a book reading group about his novel Who's Killing The Great Writers Of America?

Robert has lunch with celebrated illustrator Edward Sorel at the Century Club in New York City.

Sorel's Whackjobs

Blue Moon

Arte Johnson
Arte Johnson performs two audiobooks by Robert Kaplow.

Robert's original screenplay Blue Moon has been optioned by Detour Filmproductions.

Actor/comedian Arte Johnson reads the opening of "The Cat Who Killed Lilian Jackson Braun." ©Phoenix Books and Audio

Actor/comedian Arte Johnson reads the opening of Who's Killing the Great Writers of America? ©Phoenix Books and Audio

NJ Education Assoc Award of Excellence

Robert receives the Award of Excellence from the New Jersey Education Association

Praise from Academy Award nominee Marshall Curry!

Read filmmaker David Greenberg's appraisal of Me and Orson Welles