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Alessandra in Love: The Director's Cut

Alessandra in Love: The Director's Cut

The author of Me and Orson Welles offers his funniest and truest portrait of a spirited young woman in love. This new e-book edition of Alessandra in Love is the director's cut—revised and restored by the author for a new generation of Nasty Gals. Here is the gloriously uninhibited version of the original, award-winning 1989 novel, first published by HarperCollins.



"Kaplow has teenage-girl angst down pat. The characters are quirky, funny, and eminently themselves. The story rings true—and rings with laughter."
   —ALA Booklist, (starred review)

"Robert Kaplow is a gifted storyteller. He writes with originality and humor and lifts the human spirit."
   —George Shapiro, Executive Producer, Seinfeld

"What teenaged girl hasn't gotten hung up on a boy who doesn't return her feelings? Kaplow presents the story of such a girl in ebullient terms that every reader will empathize with. With endearing good humor, Kaplow gets inside his protagonist's mind and makes some telling points about boy-girl relations and the value of true friends."
   —Publishers Weekly