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Robert Kaplow
Robert Kaplow Robert Kaplow


Rodgers & Hart
Wait till you feel
The warmth of her glance,
Pensive and sweet and wise.
   —Lorenz Hart, 1942

I don't remember the words.

The Sound of One Fan Clapping

Hope there's something here to entertain you...

Praise for the works of Robert Kaplow

"Joyful and alive, crackling with wonder."
   —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"Breezy and beautiful."
   —Entertainment Weekly

"...wildly funny, biting satire..."
   —Publishers Weekly

"This parody is outrageous, outlandish, and laugh-out-loud funny."
   —The Globe and Mail

"Robert Kaplow is a gifted storyteller. He writes with originality and humor and lifts the human spirit."
   —George Shapiro, Executive Producer, Seinfeld

"The characters are quirky, funny, and eminently themselves. The story rings with true—and rings with laughter."
   —ALA Booklist (starred review)

"Funny. Irreverent. Fast-paced. Parody at its best. Kaplow's clever spoof will please everyone but its victims."
   —Library Journal