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For over twenty years Robert Kaplow and the Punsters have entertained audiences with satirical songs and sketches on National Public Radio's Morning Edition and Fresh Air. The Punsters are Robert Kaplow, Tim Korzun, Michael Townsend, Marc Lanzoff, Carmen Presti, with drummers Ken Cohen and Lou Ippolito.

The Punsters   The Punsters
The Punsters prepare for their appearance on "The Uncle Floyd Show"
with special guest star Tiny Tim.

The History of the Punsters

Jive in Jersey

Baghdad Daddy

Steven Spielberg, Give Me Some of Your Money

We're Drunk Again

My Heart's in Gridlock

Take Me to the Movies

Do-It-Yourself Big Hit Record

I Dreamt I Dreamt of Gefilte Fish

Rivet Rock

Guarded Optimism